How to Store Coffee

Here are some useful tips as to How to Store Coffee

How to Store Coffee
Storing and Saving. This will open up a can of worms, but we have been roasting for 10 years and we have had coffee in most forms anyone can think of – Now without question, when we drop a batch of beans from our roaster, letting them degas 2 to 6 hours depending on the bean. And brew a cup of coffee or pull a straight shot of espresso. Well hands down, not much else can compare. But the question is, how many of you have a roaster at home and the time to roast? We can ship to you weekly as we do many, but this is just a tip to help you save and enjoy gourmet coffee year round at affordable prices.
Ok, first. Never ever store coffee in the refrigerator. It will absorb the traits of the onion it is setting next to, so lets move on.
The freezer if used properly can save you money on coffee as it does your other items.
Leave your coffee in our bag (our bags are thick), then place it in a zip lock or air tight container. Remember, sunlight and air are the worst for coffee. Get all of the air out. Squeeze it. Now put it in the freezer. If you plan on freezing your coffee, do it the day your shipment arrives. Be prepared. We send a tracking number with our orders.
How long can you freeze coffee? Again, the can is opened. Based upon our studies, you can freeze coffee for 4 to 6 months, if stored properly.
Big rule? Treat your coffee like meat or fish. Never thaw and refreeze, this can cause moisture to collect in the coffee, plus mold may grow. Ever leave your coffee maker for a few days with wet grinds in it?
Buy gourmet coffee in bulk and save. We also suggest buying whole bean.

Buy gourmet coffee beans in bulk to store and save. We offer gourmet coffee with the best reviews for savings.

Bulk Gourmet Espresso to help you save. You can now buy and store coffee and espresso with some of the best reviews.

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